Image assessment

Analysis of personal fashion style

How would you like to look and to be socially and/or professionally perceived by others?

Our consultant will help you find and develop your style in order to fully reflect your personality and in accordance with your lifestyle. Customized advising on your clothes and accessories as per your body type to take advantage of your assets and conceal possible imperfections.

Personalized look book delivered

Color Analysis

Identify the colors that fit your hair, skin, and eyes relying on classic (eg draping) and innovative approaches.

Development of colors for your personal wardrobe, hair, accessories, and make-up

Personalized color chart delivered

Corporate dress code

Elegance, Charisma, and Credibility and how to have the adequate style at work

Wardrobe planning and inventory, define clothes and outfits, make up, accessories and hair style that fit your work and responsibilities notwithstanding your personality and according to your body type.

Wardrobe Planning

Body type analysis to identify and select the right garments, textiles, and shapes accordingly.

Fashion trends and color analysis will then dictate color selection depending on your style and preferences.

Fitting, sorting, tidying up and wardobe-building as a function of the above. Inventories and shopping list.

Personalized color chart delivered

Personal shopper

Advising and purchases in stores or online as a function of your budget to get the must-have basics and complementary pieces of your wardrobe in line with your fashion style, color and body types.

For a punctual or casual need? You are looking for an outfit for a special event? Let us help you!

Complete makeover

Day 1: Needs and personality assessment, definition of your fashion style, body type and color analyses, and suggestions of visual corrections (body proportions and balance): choosing the right colors, shapes, lengths, garments, and textiles fitting your body

Day 2: Sorting and tidying up your make-up case, customized hair and face beauty consulting -including care- and hairstyle and make up (at home or in an institute).

Day 3 :Personal shopper, wardrobe planning and building

Personalized look book delivered

Face analysis

Make-up & Hair Style

Face morphological, style, and color analyses  followed by make-up face enhancement either natural for everyday life or more sophiticated for a specific event.

Our consultant will design and apply a personalized make-up style on a half-face and you will have to replicate the same style on the other. You will get customized advice on hairstyle (color and style) to determine the best hairstyle that enhance your face look and in accordance with your global look.

Possibility to call a hairstyle designer at home


Beauty & Wellness

Beauty consulting to acquire the right knowledge and practice and look radiant.

Includes eyebrows restructuring, self-make up training, hands manucure and advising on the best hairstyle and color.
Advising and learning how to take care of yourself and get a better lifestyle, and fully enjoy and get an exciting life!

Possibility to be rerouted to a nutritionist, dermatologist, and other specialists

Men's makeover

Essentially the same than for women but with grooming and lifestyle consulting to replace make-up

You can take advantage of each of our services separately or jointly. For instance, wardrobe planning can come alone or be completed with a personal shopper service. Color analysis can be done solely or followed by an image assessment work.

You are not located in the region or cannot meet us? We can address your requests and offer a large range of the above services online through internet and phone. Vous n'êtes pas dans la région ou ne pouvez pas nous recevoir?