Smart & Beautiful             Image Consulting Agency - Geneva & Neighboring France

Image consulting in the 21st century: A modern and integrative approach focusing on individual wellness

The image of an individual significantly gains prominence in our society as 50 percent of one's personal impression left to others comes from one's image and non-verbal communication, be it as part of our personal or professional relationships. The impact of physical appearance is so important that we must not overlook at it! Learning how to improve and control one's own image have substantial mental, social, and economic benefits which are often ignored by most people.

Think about the last time you went shopping. Did you get back home with clothes you really liked? Did you wear each one of them? Do they fit, correspond to, appeal to you? Do you feel fully confident when you wear them?

Improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence! Our agency philosophy : Be in your greatest shape with a strong mental attitude!

Smart&Beautiful offers you a bespoke range of services and state-of-the art image consulting and makeover techniques that can suit your personal and professional objectives* - Body type and color analyses, make-up, hair style, image assessment, complete makeover, face analysis and beauty consulting, health and wellness consulting, body expression, personal stylist, personal shopper and wardrobe planning, corporate dress-code, and more to come!
Do let us bring you our expertise in the analysis and development of your image while fully accounting for your personality and your personal objectives so that we can help you build an improved self! You will improve and like the way you look and are perceived by others which will boost your self-confidence and enables you to be in sync with yourself. If you cannot meet us, please know that most of our services are also available online through private consultancies.

According to your preferences and personal and life style, as well as your budget**, we will closely assessing your needs and thoughts in order to advise you what makes you look your best. Which clothes - colors, shapes, styles -  should you wear to fit your morphology and your personality? Associated mental coaching will hep you feel in line with the outfits and the overall style developed especially for you. Your self-confidence and self-esteem will then be further strengthened!

More than a mere makeover, our goal is to reveal yourself the best image and look that speaks, appeals to, and represents you. In addition, we want to give you the appropriate required knowledge in beauty and fashion that goes with it so that you will be autonomous and confident in the future. Our will is that you make your image your own with a high level of control and welfare, depending on your wishes, specific needs (that could also be time or event specific), and goals.

A turning point in your life that makes you want to improve your image, a wish or a need to change style to eventually reveal yourself, or be in accordance with your true self, or maybe a wish to improve your physical potential and assets to meet your soulmate or to improve your wellness and well-being, take care of your appearance, find a new job or get promoted? Whatever your motivations, Smart & Beautiful gets a solution for you!

Consistent and modern image consulting services that are available at home or online!

*Our services are tailored made and customizable.
**We offer personal packages relying on the assessment of your needs and budget.